PImMS camera with VUV light

PImMS camera with VUV light

UPDATE April 2017 – Some of this work is now published, and data is also available, seeĀ Time-resolved multi-mass ion imaging: femtosecond UV-VUV pump-probe spectroscopy with the PImMS camera for details.

Last week was a busy week, with Prof. Claire Vallance (and two colleagues) visiting to help with technology transfer for our Direct Ion Detection project, based on their previous work in this area. As well as preparing some scintillator coatings, we also had the opportunity to try out another flavour of the new detector technologies they’ve been developing, in the form of the time-resolved PImMS camera. The goal for future detector development is to combine these technologies for a single, on-chip, ion detection solution.

The images below show the camera attached to our velocity-map imaging (VMI) chamber and VUV source.

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