Presentations archive: ultrafast light-matter interactions

Presentations archive: ultrafast light-matter interactions

 New presentations archive on Figshare

A perennial issue with research – it is usually impractical to publish everything.  This could be viewed as a good thing, if one assumes that the outcome is that only the cream of research is published and makes it to the wider world.  However, more often it’s absolutely not a good thing, but the result of a range of factors which impede research – for instance, there is too much material to include in formal journal articles, the work is finished but never written up formally, the work is shelved, the work becomes background for other work but remains unpublished, the work gets lost in publication or multi-author limbo… etc. etc.

These days, there’s no excuse: a range of platforms exist for sharing work at any stage of completion, from project plans to completed manuscripts, from data to code, from brief notes to full dissertations.  Figshare is one useful platform, since it provides a DOI for all public material, enabling any materials uploaded to be catalogued and cited in the usual way.

In this spirit, we’ve just uploaded some old presentations, in the area of ultrafast light-matter interactions, and this collection will continue to grow. Enjoy!

Presentations archive: ultrafast light-matter interactions.

DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.3312291

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