Quantum optics & devices

Quantum optics & devices

Quantum devices for emerging technologies, including quantum memories for local processing and random number generators for quantum cryptography.




Molecular memory for light:

THz-bandwidth pulses stored in molecular hydrogen for over 10,000 times their duration. Read more in our paper in PRL (Bustard et.al. PRL 111,083901).



A Diamond Quantum Memory


Broadband single photons stored in a room-temperature bulk diamond. Photons created by Spontaneous Parametric Downconversion and stored in the optical phonon modes. See our latest work in PRL (England et. al., PRL 114, 053602, 2015) 


Quantum Random Number Generation

QRNGSpontaneously Initiated Stimulated Raman Scattering (SISRS) employed to amplify quantum vacuum noise. Random numbers extracted from phase and energy fluctuations. Device integrated into a waveguide architecture for 145 Mb/s operation

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