Broadband quantum frequency conversion

Broadband quantum frequency conversion

New manuscript in PRA:

Quantum frequency conversion with ultra-broadband tuning in a Raman memory

Philip Bustard, Duncan England, Khabat Heshami, Connor Kupchak and Ben Sussman

Quantum frequency conversion is a powerful tool for the construction of hybrid quantum photonic technologies. Raman quantum memories are a promising method of conversion due to their broad bandwidths. Here we demonstrate frequency conversion of THz-bandwidth, fs-duration photons at the single-photon level using a Raman quantum memory based on the rotational levels of hydrogen molecules. We shift photons from 765 nm to wavelengths spanning from 673 to 590 nm—an absolute shift of up to 116 THz. We measure total conversion efficiencies of up to 10% and a maximum signal-to-noise ratio of 4.0(1):1, giving an expected conditional fidelity of 0.75, which exceeds the classical threshold of 2/3. Thermal noise could be eliminated by cooling with liquid nitrogen, giving noiseless conversion with wide tunability in the visible and infrared.


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